What is Freezun

we are a digital free zone, the first in the world, we give a 180° turn to conventional platforms with our DIM (Digital Intelligent Memberships), providing benefits and opportunities to the microentrepreneurs. 

Digital Intelligent Membership (DIM)

Represent a intelligent digital assets, with high valuation projections. Allow you to interact with our platform.

Freezun Memberships presale



  • High profitability potential in purchases, due to access to the best prices, promotions and discounts.
  • Preferential Shipping rates.
  • Purchase Insurance.
  • Access to free or discounted events and courses.
  • Access to communities and commercial agreements.
  • DIM Value of 100 USD with projection and valuation in Etherium



  • High potential for profitability in sales, by market segmentation, Integration with the Freezun Ecommerce marketing plan.
  • Preferential shipping rates.
  • Low commission. 
  • Percentage insurance of sales due to environmental, natural or epidemiological contingencies.
  • Segmentation of potential customers. – Promotional mailing. – Sales funnels through Freezun Ecommerce.
  • Allied sellers on commission.
  • Access to free or discounted events and courses for commercial training.
  • Access to communities and commercial agreements.
  • Digital trade fairs.
  • DIM of 100 USD with projection and valuation of etherium.



  • High profitability projections.
  • Possibility of participating in the platform’s net profits.
  • Possibility of investing in projects submitted on the platform with high profitability projections.
  • Freezun buyer benefits.
  • Access to free or discounted events and courses for investment training.
  • Access to communities and agreements for allied investors.
  • DIM value of 100 USD with projection and valuation in Etherium.



  • High profitability projections
  • Buyer, seller and investor benefits
  • Exclusive discounts and promotions
  • Access to all kinds of events, free or discounts
  • Access to communities and agreements for VIP users of allied businesses
  • DIM value of 100 USD with projection and valuation in Etherium
  • Access to entertainment streaming platforms
Entrepreneur membership
Our entrepreneur membership offers great benefits for you and your business, choose one of our 3 sub-plans and become part of the Freezun family.
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Basic Plan
Created for entrepreneurs and companies. You can have your own online store within the Freezun marketplace, positioning your brand and achieving a better commercial reach with a great customer segmentation and valuing a DIM digital asset of a business nature.
Medium plan
In addition to the benefits of the basic plan, you also get a percentage insurance of sales for environmental, natural or epidemiological contingencies; you also get access to promotional mailing with identification of market niches through advertising and sales funnel. Customize your campaigns and the response system in the chat of your social networks and be promoted in Freezun's networks.
Premium - Premium plus plan
Enjoy the benefits provided by the basic and the medium plan, advised on commercial issues, digital marketing, social media management; improving exposure within the platform and interacting within our economic system and accessing capitalization processes, in addition to a DIM valued at 100 USD and profitability projections in Etherium.

Each enterprise has its own way of doing things and thinking about it, Freezun brings you plans that adapt to the needs of your business.



  • Trademark registration in the United States Trademark.
  • Protection against plagiarism in more than 160 countries with the madrid treaty.
  • Opening of the company as LLC in the USA.
  • Federal Tax (FedTax)
  • Support to open accounts in foreign banks.
  • After 60 days of registration, you will have to pay an additional $60 for the registered agent in charge of everything.



  • As a European Union member, Portugal allows investment linkage.
  • Access to funds and aid from the governments of European countries, mainly from that country.
  • Participation in business calls, etc.
  • Advice on opening international accounts for your company or brand, as well as access to financial products such as: loans, credit cards, etc.
  • Income in Euros, travel policies, commercial, legal, corporate and accounting advice.



  • This plan includes benefits and components of the USA and Europe plan, being a complete option for companies with high-level international projections and projections to conquer the world market.

Freezun Marketplace

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Freezun presents a number of advantages to its members, positioning itself as a robust and reliable digital economy. We transcend the limits of a traditional marketplace and offer more than just buying and selling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are the first digital free zone marketplace that offers high services and excellent profitability to its members through its Digital Intelligent Memberships (DIM).

It’s a place on the Internet where we can buy whatever we want no matter where we are.

Represent intelligent digital assets with high valuation projections for their owners, which allow you to interact with our platform, as they are programmed to receive the best offers, better prices, more exposure for sales, in addition to being the digital title of the Freezun member.

Freezun has the first e-commerce platform with its own token for buyers, sellers and members with high valuation projections. Providing various benefits in terms of profitability and trading possibilities and backed by Freezun’s economy.

Freezun is the definition that the market is for everyone. We work hand in hand with a great team, in favor of entrepreneurs and micro entrepreneurs.

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