Freezun cares about you, so by analyzing your lifestyle needs, we provide a better view of the security of your home, your family and you.

We have 3 systems that can be adapted to what you are looking for: traditional, interactive and video-control, remember that with Freezun Smart Homes you live a completely different experience.

The best option for you and your family's safety

We work under several objectives that seek the best for you:

  1. Dilute threats
  2. Minimize loss
  3. Help avoid confrontation
  4. Provide fire safety and life safety
  5. observe and manage events around your home

We simplify our security systems with all-in-one power:

  • Traditional: 24/7 monitoring, fire burglary surveillance, 
  • Interactive: We allow through a mobile device you can access our security systems via email or alerts. 
  • Video control: With thermostat and light controls with door locks and interactive video.
  • Presence simulator
  • cctv surveillance system
  • concentrated point detection
  • panic button
  • attendance alerts
  • fire alarms
  • flood alarms
  • gas leak alarms

Freezun is the definition that the market is for everyone. We work hand in hand with a great team, in favor of entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs.

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