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We are the first digital free zone marketplace that offers high services and excellent profitability to its members through its Digital Intelligent Memberships (DIM).

It’s a place on the Internet where we can buy whatever we want no matter where we are.

 Represent intelligent digital assets with high valuation projections for their owners, which allow you to interact with our platform, as they are programmed to receive the best offers, better prices, more exposure for sales, in addition to being the digital title of the Freezun member.

Freezun has the first e-commerce platform with its own token for buyers, sellers and members with high valuation projections. Providing various benefits in terms of profitability and trading possibilities and backed by Freezun’s economy.

Yes, you need to create an account. It is simple, just fill out a form with all the required information by clicking here. We verify that the data is correct and the activation is done in the platform…

Once you are registered on our platform, all you have to do is verify your account and you will be able to modify your personal or shipping data at any time you wish, using the edit profile option.

To reset your password just click on the «I forgot my password» option, this will send you a link to your email address through which you can reset your password.

Some of the reasons why Freezun suspends an account, is due to bad practices within the platform, use of poorly targeted advertising with the products being sold or non-compliance with Freezun’s pricing policies.

Freezun has different payment methods depending on the country you are in, among which you can find: Credit or debit cards, digital money (cryptocurrencies), different payment points with Freezun alliance in each country where we are present and electronic payments of each country (example: PSE in Colombia).

To confirm that the order has been successful, a confirmation message will be sent to the email with which the Freezun profile was registered.

Taxes must be paid only if you exceed the limit of shipments by courier, depending on the amount and obligations accepted in each country where you are present.

The order can be tracked in real time through the website or mobile application provided for our members.

If you want to be a Freezun member and also sell through our platform, you must purchase a business plan or one of our memberships that we have available for you.

To become a Freezun member and also sell through our platform you just have to enter the «Freezun products» section and choose among the memberships we have available: Buyer, Seller, Investor, Premium plus and Business. If you have any questions or want to know more, click here.

It is only necessary to look at our catalog of intelligent digital memberships (DIM), we have a membership specially designed for those who want to buy within our platform.

To distribute your products in Freezun and have a catalog to earn additional profits, you must be a Freezun member and also sell through our platform; for this you just have to enter the Freezun products section and choose from the memberships we have available. If you have questions or want to know more, click here.

Yes, you can sell your unused products through the platform. It is as easy as taking a photo of the product you want to sell, upload it to the platform, offer it and Freezun gets a small percentage of the total sale generated. If you have any questions, contact us now.


STREAMING SERVICE: disponible muy pronto

INSURANCE POLICY: a security plan has been designed through an insurance policy in which members receive 7 months with 15% of the net profits generated in the last 7 months on the website (terms and conditions apply).

LOGISTICS: In Freezun special care is taken with all logistic processes, for the delivery of items from the place of origin to their final destination, there are people in charge of the paperwork with other entities in the country required, as well as the unloading, packaging, inventory and distribution of the products.

ADVERTISING AND MARKETING: We have an expert team in design and international digital marketing, which is responsible for the design and publication of content on social networks constantly.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Freezun wants all the products of the members that are on the platform to be sold, being shown as they are, with the best possible quality and photography is one of the main tools to have the attention of potential customers from the first moment, the team of designers and marketing will be responsible for making the photographic records and create texts with the best quality depending on the type of product offered.

TRAINING: Constant training is offered in areas of interest, such as administrative, commercial, marketing, advertising, latest trends, logistics or specific areas that customers require through specialized companies.

EXCLUSIVITY AND GUARANTEE: In Freezun you will find an extensive catalog of items and exclusive offers of different types of products from various countries in the world; additionally, it has the cheapest prices in the market with launch and clearance products, best of all is the short delivery period of what is purchased.

RELIABILITY AND SECURITY: All Freezun members can make transactions without running any risk, they can buy and sell products in a safe and reliable way, in addition to investing the payments for the sales of their items in their Freezun stores.

RECEIPT: Each member gets their own earnings without intermediaries in real time and without delay.

BRAND REGISTRATION: By being part of Freezun you can get great discounts for this process just by acquiring a membership.

INSURANCE POLICY: The members of the platform have a $500 USD insurance policy included, that means, that the items purchased have a maximum cost of five hundred dollars, the insurance is free.

FREE SHIPPING: If the package weighs less than 25 pounds, shipping is free.

LOW PRICES: Freezun offers the lowest prices in the market, both for the purchase and delivery of the products you prefer.

DISCOUNT NOTIFICATIONS: This is an automated process of the platform that will be responsible for sending notifications and information of interest such as discounts or promotions of the stores that are registered in our web application.

DELIVERY TRACKING: Through the website, members will be able to track all the time where their shipment is.

FAST DELIVERY: With Freezun there are zero delays in deliveries, because an excellent logistics system was designed and has a large inventory of products that facilitates fast and efficient delivery.

This is done based on the policies of the tariff offices and their requirements depending on the country you are in at the time (Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and USA).

For example, this is the process for Colombia:

The application of taxes in Colombia is given by the DIAN, the imported products could ask for the following requirements to be accepted under the postal traffic or the modality of express purchase in postal traffic or express purchases.

Es para uso personal no para uso comercial.

El peso máximo es de 50 kilos (110 libras por compra.

El valor declarado no puede exceder los $200 USD.

Máximo 6 (seis) unidades del mismo género o referencia por compra.

The benefits of a Freezun membership are activated as soon as the account that is created is verified, there is no end time at this time.

You must purchase a Intelligent Digital membership and activate it in the investor or premium plus mode, and when our Freezun investment exchange is active, you will be able to obtain 10% of the semi-annual net profits that arise among investors according to the percentage and time of investment. The other way is to choose one of the different options related to different businesses and developments and invest according to interests, profitability rates, growth projections or execution potential.

Freezun is the definition that the market is for everyone. We work hand in hand with a great team, in favor of entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs.

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